If you have one essential oil in your home, it should be lavender oil.  And if you cook — and I’m guessing you probably do if you’re reading this blog — you should have lavender oil in your kitchen.  Because cooking usually involves things that can be hot enough to burn you.  Eventually your skin is going to encounter them.

Lavender oil works <what seem like> miracles on burns.  It can turn a really bad burn into a mild, maybe slightly tender, red spot the next day.

It’s really remarkable stuff.  You give yourself a whale of a burn — like, you’re thinking, this is going to blister and be really ugly and hurt for a week or more — you grab the lavender oil, put a drop on (or two, if it’s a really big burn), rub it gently to cover the whole burn, and the next morning you forget to look to see how it’s doing.  Because it’s just that much better already.

Even my mom, who can sometimes be a bit skeptical about “natural” remedies and so forth, regularly uses it.  She’s a fabric artist/quilter, so she uses a lot of irons, particularly unshielded, mini, keep-your-fingers-away dangerous ones!  And she’s told me a couple of times of how she burnt herself, remembered to grab the lavender oil I gave her for Christmas a few years ago, and the next day being very surprised at how not bad the burn was.  Unfortunately the last time she got burnt at my house, I was out on a day trip — so she couldn’t find my lavender oil!  I felt very badly seeing how bad her burn was the next day!

I used to keep my lavender oil in my bathroom upstairs, but after about the 20th time of running up the stairs after burning myself in the kitchen, I decided (since my mom last visited!) that it much more appropriately belonged in the spice cabinet next to the stove.  (I also always travel with a bottle in my dopkit.)

A bottle of lavender oil, particularly if you want organic (fyi: as of writing this, many of the sizes of this product were sold out at the link, but not the 1 oz size), is not so crazy cheap that you would probably want to buy one for every single member of your extended family, but if you’re only using it for burns, it should last you a pretty long time, since you only need a drop.  In fact, if the burn isn’t too bad, I’ll usually get enough oil to cover the spot by just rubbing my finger along the rim of the bottle.

Lavender oil also has lots of other great uses — a few drops of it can be calming in a warm bath, and I’ll put a drop or two on cuts and scrapes, or their bandaid gauze if I can’t stand the sting.  Lavender oil can REALLY sting on broken skin, but is very good for combating pathogenic bacteria, and is an excellent alternative to Neosporin, which is antibiotic and kills all bacteria regardless of their orientation towards improving or destroying your health.

Nevertheless, if the only thing you use lavender oil for is burns, you will be grateful for these remarkable powers alone!


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5 Responses to Lavender Oil for Burns

  1. Juli-Ann says:

    YUP!!! I’m totally sold on lavendar oil! the Mom!

  2. Allison says:

    Wow! This is REALLY good to know! I burned myself on a hot pot right out of the oven a few weeks ago and my aloe plant had recently died. I was cursing myself because I knew I probably had other things in the home I could have used to treat the burn, I just didn’t know what they were!!! Low and behold, I could have used the Lavender oil!!

  3. Kathryn says:

    Lavender oil is must! I had a burn (from the oven) that immediately got a huge blister and I was sure that even with lavender oil it was going to take time to heal. The burning sensation left as soon as I applied the oil, then the blister went away, and the next day I just had a little red line. I also add a drop of lavender oil onto a damp cotton ball and gently wipe my face at night in the morning to keep my complexion clear and feeling fresh!

    • Megh says:

      It’s amazing stuff! It’s funny that you commented on this today — somehow just yesterday I managed to give myself a blister on my finger, and the only thing I can figure out is that I must have burned it — but I didn’t feel it at all! (Unfortunately, because if I had, I would have put lavender oil on it right away and wouldn’t have a blister now!)

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